Friday, July 18, 2008


The graduated cylinder

1. Visible spectrum in the Electromagnetic Radiation
a. 180 nm
b. 390 nm
c. 800 nm
d. More than 400,000 nm
e. None of the above
2. Measures light emitted by single atoms in a flame
a. Spectrophotometer
b. Flame photometer
c. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
d. Fluorometer
e. None of the above
3. In Beer-lambert’s law, the concentration of a substance is directly proportional to the to the amount of light absorbed or inversely proportional to the to the logarithm of transmitted light.
a. True
b. False

Choices for numbers 4- 8:
a. Exciter lamp
b. Entrance slit
c. monochromator
d. Cuvette
e. Photodetector
f. Exit slit

4. Reduces the stray light and prevents the entry of scattered light
5. Produces light of specific wavelength
6. Provides electromagnetic radiation
7. Holds the solution of which the absorption is to be measured
8. Uses photosensitive material that release electrons when exposed to light energy

9. Type of cuvette used for acidic solutions
a. Soft glass
b. Plastic
c. Borosilicate
d. Quartz
e. Any of the above

10. Most widely used lamp for spectrophotometer
a. Halogen lamp
b. Xenon lamp
c. Mercury lamp
d. Hydrogen lamp
e. All of the above

Given for numbers 11-15:

Calcium determination
Abs of Unknown: 0.11
Abs of Standard: 0.15
Concentration of Std: 10 mg/dL
wl= 540 nm
N.V. = 2.35-2.75

11. What is the concentration of calcium in mg/dL
12. What is the concentration in mmol/L
13. specific type of light used for plasma Calcium reading
14. Is the obtained value normal?
15. What maybe the reason of abnormal results?


Type/s of error committed
A. random error
B. systematic error
C. both
D. none

16. mispipetting
17. expired reagent
18. prolonged incubation
19. mislabelling
20. unstable light source
21. inappropriate separation of serum
22. serum preserved at refrigerated temperatures
23. wet test tubes
24. hemolyzed serum
25. violation of 1(3s)
26. violation of 2(2s)
27. violation of 4(1s)
28. violation of 10X
29. violation of R(4s)
30. inaccurate recording of results



elaine BSMT08 ^_^; said...

ma'am gie! ^_^;

gawd.. i miss this kind of stuff.. ^_^; i want to go back to class! hopefully, i could go back to the philippines to take the board exams (PRC).. ^_^;

for now, i am applying for random laboratory and/or other related work i could find here. I have to garner as much experience before i could get a better job and save up for the boards here.

just dropping by to say hi to one of the best mentors i've had the honor to have! Godspeed! miss you!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Elaine, I apologize for the late reply. No one usually comments on this blog that's why. I'm happy to know that you're doing fine. You're one of my best students too.

Just drop by to view the entries. Take care and God bless.





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