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1. _______________________ This refers to the group of techniques used to separate complex mistures on the basis of their physical interaction with the mobile and stationary phases.
2. ________________________ It is a measure of the degree of separation of solute bands relative to their bandwidths.
3._________________________ Enumerate two techniques by chromatographic bed shape
5._________________________ Enumerate the three physical state techniques of the mobile phase.
8._________________________ Give the three parameters measured in chromatography.


1. This method determines the number of moles of reagent required to react quantitatively with the substance being determined:
a. gravimetry
b. titrimetry
c. osmometry
d. volumetry

2. In this method the the titrant is introduced continuously and can perform without supervision:
a. manual modes of transmission
b. automated modes of transmission
c. automated modes of transmission
d. semi-automated modes of transmission

3. This is a device in automatic transfer of titrant that are highly reliable and do not require calibration.
a. persitaltic pumps
b. piston burettes
c. suction-stroke piston pumps
d. automatic pumps

4. These are the types of titration based on the formation of a complex between the titrant and the analyte.
a. redox titration
b. complexometric titration
c. acid base titration
d. ion titration

5. Method of analysis that has the potential for a precision of up to 0.1 %
a. gravimetry
b. volumetry
c. osmometry
d. nanometry

6. Most common method used in osmometry method of analysis
a. vapor pressure
b. freezing point deression
c. membrane osmometry
d. volumetric presure

7. It is the most accurate macro - quantitative method of anaylsis
a. volumetry
b. gravimetry
c. osmometry
d. titrimetry

8. Methods of osmometry that determines the concentration of osmotically active particles:
a. freezing point depression
b. vapor pressure osmometry
c. membrane osmometry
d. suction pump osmometry

9. This is a device in the automatic transfer of titrant that requires frequent calibration due to continual changes in the physical properties of the tunes utilized:
a. piston burettes
b. peristaltic pumps
c. suction -stroke piston pumps
d. air displacement pumps

10. In this method of analysis , dissolved solids and sugars in tissue specimens can be measured to diagnose pathologic conditions:
a. titrimetry
b. osmometry
c. volumetry
d. gravimetry


1. Chromatography
2. Resolution
3. Column chromatography
4. Planar chromatography
5. Gas chromatography
6. Liquid chromatography
7. Supercritical fluid chromatography
8. catecholamines
9. sugars
10. drugs

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. B
10. B

Additional questions will be posted on Wednesday. /VBG

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