Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review Questions in Health Economics

I. IDENTIFICATION: Answer as indicated. ( 1 pt. each)

  1. _________________________________ A type of good that you would buy more when your income increases.
  2. _________________________________ The point at which the supply specifically meets the demand.
  3. _________________________________ A type of tax upon special and particular products with the purpose of decreasing the demand.
  4. _________________________________ It is the method of acquiring revenue by the government to finance government projects.
  5. _________________________________ Transcribe CDC.
  6. _________________________________ Transcribe GNP
  7. _________________________________ Transcribe GDP.
  8. _________________________________ The process in which a taxpayer fails to pay his annual tax dues.
  9. _________________________________ One exception to the GSIS compulsory membership.
  10. _________________________________The Act promulgated in 1997 for retirement benefits for GSIS members.





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