Sunday, March 6, 2011

Answers-Venipuncture Exam Review Questions


1.The ideal anticoagulant because of its natural presence in the blood:

a. citrate c. oxalate

b. heparin d. fluoride

2. The anticoagulant of choice for glucose because it serves as preservative :

Select from the above choices - d. fluoride

3.The most common site of venipuncture:

a. wrist veins c. ankle veins

b. antecubital fossa d. cubital veins

4.The following are methods of blood collection, except:

a. lumbar tap c. arterial tap

b. capillary puncture d. venipuncture

5.The following are sites of arterial puncture, except:

a. radial c. brachial

b. antecubital fossa d. femoral

6.The ideal gauge of needle for venipuncture is:

a. 22- 25 c. 21-23

b. 20-22 d. 18-20

7. When assembling the equipment for venipuncture, this must be the primary consideration:

a. sterilized and dry apparatuses

b. type of tourniquet

c. brand of syringe

d. completely labeled test tubes

8These are true in needle and syringe preparation, except:

a. they must be sterile and dry

b. they must not be clogged

c. the syringe must be disposable

d. the needle must be fixed firmly into the hub of the syringe

9.The tourniquet is applied in this manner:

a. too tight to make veins prominent

b. not too tight nor too loose

c. loose to avoid hematoma

d. it does not matter how you apply it

10.The following may be employed to make veins prominent, except:

a. opening and closing the fist

b. palpating the vein

c. raising the arm

d. immersing the arm in warm water

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