Sunday, February 26, 2012

ACP and ALP, LDH Quiz in Clinical Chemistry


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1. __________________________________________ The best sample for ACP determination. (specify)

2. __________________________________________The best anticoagulant for ACP determination.(Specify).

3. __________________________________________Indicate what are the major diseases involve in ALP elevation.

4. __________________________________________ Normal value for ACP.

5. __________________________________________Indicate the inhibiting substance for PAP test in isoenzyme immunoassays.

6. __________________________________________ Give the specific reliable method for PAP and its substrate.

7. Three MAJOR specific precautions for ALP test. ___________________________________________

8. ___________________________________________________________________________________

9. ___________________________________________________________________________________

10. __________________________________________ The end product in ACP test.

11. to 15. General reaction that occurs in ACP tests using PNPP substrate. Answer at the back

16. to 20. General reaction catalyzed by ALP. Answer at the back.

21 . The amount of LDH inside the red blood cell___________________.

.22 to 25. The General reaction for LDH Determinations.

25 to 30. Discuss the isoenzymes of ALP and their clinical significance.

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