Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Specimen Collection and Spectrophotometer Review Questions Exams


1. ________________________________________The machine that measures light absorbed and transmitted as an index of unknown concentration
2. ________________________________________Your answer to #1 has to be warmed up for how many minutes?
3. ________________________________________The range of visible light.
4._________________________________________The old unit for wavelength.
5._________________________________________ Law that states that the concentration of a solution is directly proportional to the light absorbed and inversely proportional to light transmitted.
6._________________________________________  Synonym for analytical cell.
7. ________________________________________   Formula for ratio of standard to unknown.
8.__________________________________________The distance between the peak and the trough.
9.__________________________________________ Relationship of color intensity with concentration of solution.
10._________________________________________ Relationship of depth with concentration of solution.
11._________________________________________ The supernatant fluid after clotted blood has been centrifuged.
12._________________________________________ Term for the person who performs #13.
13. _________________________________________ A process wherein a needle is introduced into a vein to obtain blood.
14. _________________________________________ This provides radiant energy in the form of visible or non-visible light that may pass through the monochromator.
15.__________________________________________This isolates the wavelength of interest.

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