Sunday, January 4, 2015

Answers to Electrolyte Enzyme and Liver Function Test Exam Questions

IDENTIFICATION:  ( 1 pt. Each)

  1. The major bile pigment. - BILIRUBIN
  2. The enzyme responsible for the conversion of B1 to B2. - UDPGT (URIDINE DIPHOSPHATE GLUCURONYL TRANSFERASE
  3.  In automation, this is the method of removing interfering substances from serum . - DIALYSIS
  4. This automated aspect corresponds to sample delivery in the manual method. - ROBOTICS
  5. The normal pH of  blood. - 7.35 TO 7.45
  6. The normal bicarbonate and carbonic acid ratio in the body. - 20:1
  7.  The major intracellular cation. - POTASSIUM
  8.  The major extracellular cation. - SODIUM
  9.  It is described as the constant concentration at half of the maximum velocity of  enzyme activity. - MICHAELIS CONSTANT
  10. It is the S.I. units of  enzyme activity. - I.U. (INTERNATIONAL UNITS)





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