Thursday, June 18, 2015

Answers to Normality, Molarity Sample Review Problems

1. What is the Normality of a 1.2 M H2SO4 solution given the molecular weights?( H=1, S=32, O-16)
    a. 1.2 N                   b. 0.6N                        c. 10.4 N                  d. 2.4 N              e. NIL

2. How many grams of NaCl is used to prepare 500 ml of a 0.5 N solution of NaCl? (Na-23, Cl-35.5)
    a. 14.63  g               b. 56.5 g                      c. 40 g             d. 13.8 g          e. NIL

3. What is the Molarity of a 3 .5 N solution of NaCl?
a.       2.50 mol/l                   c. 1.5 mol/l                   e. NIL
b.      3.5 mol/l                      d. 4.5  mol/l

4. The molecular weight of  H3 PO4 is:
a. 98                            c. 98                            e. NIL
b. 48                            d. 98.1

5. How many grams of  NaCl are required to make 2,000 ml. of  0.2 M  solution?
a. 32.3                                     c. 46.32                       e. NIL
b. 23.4                         d. 40

6. What is the Molar concentration of a 80 grm. of NaOH diluted to 1.5 liter of distilled water?
a. 1.33 M                                                        c. 1.5 M                       e. NIL
b. 1 M                                                              d. 3 M

  7. What is the amount of CaCl2.H2O in grams is needed  to prepare 0.2 N solution of
Ca Cl2?
a. 6.8                                                              c. 32                            e. NIL
b. 8                                                                  d. 55       

  8. One milligram is equal to:
a. 0.00001 grm.                                               c. 0.01 grm.                 e. NIL
b. 0.0001 grm.                                                 d. 0.001 grm.

 9. A 20 mgs. % solution contains:
a.      20 mgs of solute/100ml of solution
b.      20 mgs of solute/100 ml of diluent 
c.       20 mgs of solute/1000 ml of diluent
d.      20 mgs of solute/1000ml of solution
e.       NIL

10. A 6 % solution of 1mg/100ml is diluted 1:20. What is the final concentration?
a. 12 %                                                            c. 0.12 %                     e. NIL
b. 0.02 %                                                         d. 0.03 %


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