Friday, June 26, 2015

Answers to Review Questions on Lipids, Carbohydrates and Proteins


1.      _______________PHOSPHOLIPID___________ The lipid that acts as a lung surfactant.
2.      ______________GLUCOSE__________________ The most predominant monosaccharide.
3.      _______________FATTY ACIDS__________ The simplest form of lipids.
4.      ______________GLYCOGEN_________________ The storage form of glucose.
5.      ______TRIGLYCERIDE___________________ The storage form of lipids.
6.      _____INSUFFICICENCY OF INSULIN_______ The major cause of diabetes mellitus.
7.      _____________________8  to 12 HOURS_______ The standard fasting hours for FBS.
8.      ________FASTING BLOOD SUGAR__________ Transcribe FBS.
9.      _______________6 to 7%___________________ The percentage that glucose is destroyed per hour at room temperature.
10.  _____________HEXOKINASE______________ The reference method for glucose.
11.  ___________SODIUM FLUORIDE_________ The ideal anticoagulant for glucose.
12.  ____BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE BODY_______   Name one function of proteins.
13.  ____________12 to 14 HOURS____ _________________ Ideal fasting hours for TAG.
14.  ___________TRIACYLGLYCEROL or TRIGLYCERIDE_  Transcribe TAG.
15.  __________SERUM_______________________________ Ideal sample for glucose.
Bonus: _____CYCLOPENTANOPERHYDROPHENANTHRENE  Name the basic nucleus of cholesterol.

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