Sunday, July 5, 2015

Answers to Venipuncture Review Questions

Answers to Venipuncture Review Questions

1.    _15 to 30 degrees  Ideal angle of entry of needle.
2.    Hematoma  _____ Bluish discoloration of the area subjected to trauma.
3.    Phlebotomy_____ Another term for venipuncture.
4.    Basilica _________ Three major veins used in venipuncture.
5.    Cephalic_________
6.    Mid-cubital______
7.    Ante-cubital fossa_The major site of venipuncture.
8.    70% isopropyl alcohol The most common sterilizing agent in venipuncture.
9.    transfixation_____ The most common mistakes of first-timers in venipuncture.
10. serum__________ The most common blood specimen in clinical chemistry.

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