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Med Tech Research Topics

Med Tech Research topics seem to be difficult to formulate because there are studies on almost any topic. In searching for thesis topics for medical technology, you have to evaluate first your field of interest. Is it Microbiology, Immunology-Serology, Parasitology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Clinical Microscopy, or Blood Banking?

Laboratory Pipets

From there, you have to find a missing aspect, or needed information that people would want to know. It doesn’t need to be complex. A simple study done reliably is more significant than a complex study conducted halfheartedly.

Your study must be able to give answers to existing questions, or add new information to current facts. Don’t copy titles or content to avoid being charged with plagiarism. Conduct your own study and learn, while discovering new knowledge. If there are studies that needed more in-depth research, then you can also do a follow-up research.

Examples of General Med Tech Research Topics are:

1. Correlations of Blood Substances to each other; example: cholesterol and uric acid; HDL and potassium

2. Quality Control parameters and confirmatory methods

3. Laboratory Waste Disposal of big hospitals (Choose one and research how they dispose of their garbage) Find the answer to whatever inadequacies they have in their system.)

4. Research on the accuracy of a new method

5. Study the bioactivity of specific plants (you can base this on folklore, but use empirical/scientific methods to confirm the claims)

6. Compare the efficacy of certain drugs against a common disease

7. Conduct a records’ survey/review of certain aspects and analyze them. This should be within the span of several years.

8. Create a new laboratory method or machine for testing certain substances. You can also visit the following sites to read more about Med Tech Research topics and thesis titles.

Topics for Medical Technology Research Papers 

Student Thesis Titles

Silliman University Ranks 1 in Med Tech Research Paper

You may also want to conduct community surveys on what common problems regarding health do the residents have experienced.

Go to the library and browse past and ongoing research papers.

Go online and surf. Read other research papers/studies.

Visit hospitals and laboratories, and find out what problems they encounter. Find the answers to these problems.

Take note that your research must be able to contribute something substantial to your profession or to the allied medical field, or to society in general.

Good luck.

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